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AppcoreHUB is an ecosystem of Web and Mobile-based software from simple to complex built on the technology of Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform.

  • Develop and provide professional software solutions for businesses.
  • Customize flexibly to meet every specific business in a very short time and save money.
  • Build your software on demand very quickly based on cutting edge technology.


We have had many years of experience in software development and an outstanding technology platform that helps us to always meet all your business requirements


Consulting and providing enterprise integration software solutions

SaaS solutions

Providing software solutions as a service SaaS

Tailor-made software

Building tailor-made software systems for businesses on demand

Low-code Platform

Working and helping enterprises to develop software systems based on Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform


With built-in cloud-based software, businesses and users can register and use quickly. In addition, the software can still be customized to suit the user's business

Are you looking for a specific managenent system for your company?

You are looking for a specific managenent system for your company but you can NOT find any solution in the market?. Please let us know, we will help you to build it quickly with our platform in the shortest time that you can hardly imagine.

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How to build a tailor-made software?


Consulting meeting

Studing the IT infrastructure and business requirements

The meeting will help us understand the business situation and providing a suitable solutions



Designing the system on the requirements

Within the first two weeks, we will start developing the software based on the Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform. The enterprise can run a development version during this time.


Deployment and production


Checking the infrastructure again and navigating in the system. Diff review between the production and development branches and Go live